Open Gear Grease


Open Grease is a food grade grease developed for the lubrication of open gears and other high load applications.

The product is thixotropic and will revert to its original consistency when shear forces cease. It's most suitable for applications in contact with chemically treated water, steam and heat in food and beverage processes.

Open Gear Grease is very water resistant and has a high level of corrosion prevention.

It has excellent adhesion properties and may also be used for the lubrication of bearings at low to medium speed where high base oil viscosity is desired.

This product is H1 registered, 2Probity #BA2320045.

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Product Information


  • Water resistant
  • Extreme load capacity
  • Extreme adhesion
  • Thixotropic properties


  • Open gears
  • Chains
  • Hydrostatic cookers
  • Low speed, high load bearings
  • Slides
  • Food processing industry

Standard Packages

  • 400g LubeShuttle® cartridge
  • 18kg pail
  • 180kg drum

Product Code/Viscosity/Variant

1075-1100 / Open Gear Grease 1100 NLGI-2

These are only available via request.

Please contact us for more information.

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