Modern manufacturing is highly technical, with precise high performance equipment increasing outputs constantly, industry needs better, higher performing lubricants to maintain reliability. When you don’t use proper lubricants, it will lead to substandard mechanical performance and possible machine failure. 

The modernisation of food production worldwide presents further challenges as the lubricants must be high performance and food grade. The introduction of food grade synthetic lubricants such as H1 food grade hydraulic oils has allowed the ever-increasing demands and expectations of industry and food manufacturing to be met and often exceeded, ensuring appropriate machinery maintenance and safer manufacturing practices.

H1 lubricant use is best practice that helps to curtail the amount of risk involved in incidental food contact situations.

H1 food grade Hydraulic Oil is needed in food processing and packing plants. Equipment used in and around food and beverage preparation will need H1 food grade lubricants to comply with food safety standards. Synthetic food-grade oils are a safer alternative to conventional industrial-grade machine lubricants to avert possible product contamination. 

Food grade hydraulic oils are required in the manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical medicines, abattoirs, baking, beverage production, poultry processing, additive production, and pre-packaged foods to just name a few.

Safety measures using Food Grade Hydraulic Oil compared to most non-food grade hydraulic oils is much safer and eco-friendly.

Pacific Lubrication Hydraulic Oils

At Pacific Lubrication Consultants, we offer high performance H1 food grade hydraulic oils, such as HYDRO FLOW and HYDRO SYN PAO, both H1 registered and 2Probity certified.

Hydro Flow and Hydro Syn Pao are not aggressive to hoses, seals or gaskets, giving an extended lifetime to both the oil and the machine. These oils are tasteless and odourless.

Hydro Flow and Hydro Syn PAO are completely resistant to foaming and have an excellent air release ability. The products are developed to withstand large variations in temperatures, have excellent water resistance and provides excellent protection and prevention from corrosion.

For more information about our food grade Hydraulic Oils and how we can help your business, contact us here.

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