The food and beverage industry is a challenging market where production efficiencies need to improve while maintaining safety and cleanliness. There are rising health concerns due to the usage of inappropriate lubricants in the manufacturing of various food products. It is very important to use H1 Food Grade lubricants in food production facilities to avoid potential food safety or brand protection issues.

At Pacific Lubrication Consultants, we have over 80 years experience in the lubrication industry. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service, solutions, training and food grade lubricants for Food and Beverage companies Australia-wide.

Our aim is to contribute to your company's productivity and profitability, so that we are judged more than just a supplier of H1 food grade oils, food grade greases and food grade aerosols, but a partner in the success of your Maintenance and Food Safety program.

Here Are the Vital Safety Challenges: 

#1. Accidental Entry of Allergens

An Allergen statement for the lubricants has become the norm. For instance, many factories now provide “free-from” or “Vegan products” and must ensure that any lubricants and chemicals used also adhere to these requirements. Any supplier should be able to provide such statements and guarantees. Some “free-from” factories may also send the lubricants for testingif the company thinks there could be a problem with a specific allergen. All Pacific Lubrication Consultants supplied CARGO OIL products come with allergen statements as standard.

#2. Chemical Residual

All cleaning chemicals ought to be approved for use in the country of operation and, in most cases, also be on a more confining retail customer-approved chemical list. At the end of the cleaning cycle, make sure the cleaner has been entirely removed for clean-in-place operations for mixing vessels, silos, tanks, pH & conductivity readings of the rinse water. There are detailed instructions for manual cleaning operations for use of sanitisers and detergents appropriate for food factories, along with essential post-cleaning inspection points. The inspection may also involve basic lubrication and greasing following the cleaning to ensure the machinery functions as intended.

Helping you meet the needs of increasing food safety standards

Pacific Lubrication Consultants are the Australian agents for Cargo Oil, one of Europe’s leading food industry lubrication companies. Cargo Oil is manufactured to H1 levels of compliance and performance, meeting all necessary certification by the Food & Beverage industry with an extensive product range that will cover all your applications. Pacific Lubrication Consultants meets the needs of the ever increasing standards for food safety with our unique LUBESAFE® Food Safety Lubrication Program, taking food safety and lubrication maintenance to a level never before seen in the Food & Beverage industry.

The benefits of correct lubrication

By having a committed focus on lubricationand recognising its importance, your company will benefit in many ways:

  • Reduce overall maintenance cost
  • Increase food safety
  • Increase brand protection
  • Improve plant productivity
  • Reduced lubrication costs
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Improve GMP

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