Spill kit carry bag

A practical emergency spill carry bag that is easy to store in the cab of buses, trucks, tractors, boats, etc. It is well prepared to take care of emergency spills on a smaller scale up to about 20 litres.

Available as Oil Only with the addition of Personal Protection and First aid.

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Spill kit includes:

  • 3kg Diamix (floor granulates)
  • Absorbs 8–10 litres
  • 5 pieces of Oil Only Thick Sheets
  • Absorbs about 1.5–2 litres each
  • 1 piece of Oil Only Sock
  • Absorbs about 3–4 litres each
  • 2 waste bags
  • 1 pair of protective gloves


  • For emergency spills on a smaller scale up to about 20 litres

Standard Packages

  • N/A

Product Code/Viscosity/Variant

  • N/A

These are only available via request.

Please contact us for more information.

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