Sep 13, 2021

Revolutionary New Bulk Package


A new revolutionary full size drum that contributes to better economy and give less impact on the environment for producers as well as users. The conicity of the new drum provides the possibility to stack empty drums up to 24 drums per pallet (120 cm x 120 cm x 160cm), compared to a maximum of 4 drums of conventional type for the same space.

The transport costs will be less than a sixth in comparison to transport of conventional drums, when handling empty drums, and only a sixth of the storage space will be occupied for the same number of drums.

The drums are lacquered inside and outside. The inner lacquer is approved for food contact and is corrosion resistant. The open top makes emptying of drums quick and easy, as well as minimising residues. The removable lid is delivered with openings of 2” and 3/4" as standard for connections to taps and pumps.

UN 1A2/Y 300/S/AA/E/B-1271 with approval for transport and handling of all products in package group II with maximum density 1.3 kg/litre and in package group III with maximum density 2.0 kg/litre.

Unique branding is available on the plastic sleeve, which can be ordered even in small numbers for those who desire their own design. The sleeve is easy to apply, stays in place and is very durable.