Aug 31, 2023

Food Grade Aerosol Sprays: Characteristics & Uses


Explore an array of H1-registered food-grade aerosol sprays perfect for food processing, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical applications. Pacific Lubrication Consultants offer a range of H1-registered food-grade aerosol sprays sourced from the trusted brand Cargo Oil. 

Our all-inclusive selection includes heavy-duty chain lube, multi-lube, Ultra Rust Release, Silicone Spray, Super Stick, Synlube, and dry silicone spray. These high-quality aerosol products provide powerful adhesion, and water resistance, need low maintenance, and are versatile general-purpose lubricants. 

Our food-grade aerosol sprays are transparent, penetrating, and ideal for various applications. Pacific Lubrication Consultants delivers reliable solutions prioritising safety and performance in food-related operations.

Food Grade Aerosols are Suitable for the Following Applications:

  • Food processing industry
  • A broad range of lubrication applications
  • Loosens rusted nuts and bolts
  • Chains, gears, wheels, cogs and sprockets
  • Plastic moulding release agent
  • Penetrates and frees rusted and corroded chains
  • Sliding surfaces
  • Wire cables
  • Forklift chains and more

Food Grade Aerosol Sprays offer convenience and reliability and are the preferred choice for enhancing performance and efficiency in many industrial settings.

Learn more about our Food Grade Aerosol products, including food-grade sprays, silicone spray, white grease, belt grip, super stick and more. Download our catalogue for more information.